Animations in Second Life

This coming Wednesday we will be covering the basics of scripting animations in Second Life. This will focus on the use of animations within pose objects, e.g. a sit in a chair, rather than animations that apply to the normal avatar movement keys.

As creating the animations themselves is beyond the scope of this course, you are permitted to use animations by other creators in your builds, characters and machinima, though of course the script that controls the animation placed in an object must be your own. If you do want to attempt to create your own animations then the following links will be helpful starting points.

Also don’t forget to check out the resources linked to the floating spheres inworld.

See you on Wednesday.




Scripting 102

This Wednesday we will be continuing on with scripting with a look at some new functions and events that will allow you to add further interactivity to your build. So far we have looked at the basic script and considered functions such as floating text, chat messages and prim colour changes. This week we move on to more sophisticated functionality such as scanners and dialog boxes and investigate the use of variables and sound.

I do suggest that you investigate the resources already linked to in the post Scripting 101 and work through the Default Script Slideshow to re-familiarize yourself with the basic terminology and syntax. The floating sprites on our parcel also hold two scripting examples for you to investigate. Knowing the builds a number of you are attempting, the collision based effects these talk about should be most useful.

A small heads-up re the constructive feedback I have emailed you all on your task plans. Do take the suggestions on board and amend your task plans appropriately. They were made for a good reason.

See you on Wednesday.

Advanced texturing/Task plan

Just a reminder that we will be looking at more advanced texturing this coming Wednesday, using the lamp design that has been set out on our parcel. Do complete your lamp by Wednesday, ready for the texturing session. In that way a fully textured lamp with you as the creator, will result.

One last heads-up too, that your task plan for Assignment 3 is due tomorrow by 5pm. Please make sure that you have completed it, posted it in your blogs, and just as importantly, put a link to it in your Googledoc. Remember, without a plan your project can not be judged against its proposed purpose. A number of marks in Assignment 3 are often missed out on because of this.

See you Wednesday


Assignment 3 Discussions

This coming Wednesday we will be looking more closely at the requirements of Assignment 3 and discussing any queries you might have with regards to the criteria for any of the assignment choices. I will also give particular focus to the task plan post that is due on Tuesday, 7th May, and going over in more detail what is expected in this post.

I will also be giving you a demonstration of a number of different enhancement possibilities for your projects that are important aspects of creating environments that engage and affect the user. For this demonstration you will need to be sound capable and have particles enabled in Preferences (see below), so do make sure you have speakers or a headset connected this coming Wednesday.

We will also be getting back up to speed with scripting, tackling a couple of the functions and events that were contained in the scripting challenges that were set out over the break. By the way, congratulations Jeff for completing the first task of Challenge 2.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.


Another Challenge

Well all, the last Bag o’ Gold in the first scripting challenge was won by Blake. Congratulations! Now there’s a second scripting challenge ready and waiting for you on our session breakout parcel.

And as with the first challenge there are Bags o’ Gold for those brave enough to venture in and figure out the challenge tasks. A little more gold in them than last time as the tasks are a little more complex. And this time you aren’t limited to one win only.

Three prims have a message that needs hearing and then repeating back to the challenge board, which means three Bags o’ Gold to win.

Good luck!!

Congratulations Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the first two of you who succeeded in winning the Bags o’ Gold in the MUV601 Scripting Challenge 1: Sakar and Jeff. Enjoy your reward.

One more Bag o’ Gold to win though folks. I wonder who’s going to claim it?


MUV601 Challenge Activities

As mentioned on Wednesday, over the break there will be some activities for you to participate in on Koru. The first is a scripting challenge which is ready to go and is already waiting for you on our session breakout parcel.

To sweeten the deal this old pirate has provided some more Bags o’ Gold for those brave enough to venture in and figure out the challenge tasks. Three prims need their colours changing and three Bags o’ Gold await those who can succeed in doing so.

Good luck!!

Character Creation 101

This Wednesday we will begin to investigate two of the options for your final projects; character creation and machinima. This post looks at some of the different in-world aspects used in the creation of the avatar itself.

The following is a YouTube tutorial that looks at saving and wearing outfits, so that you can easily assemble different looks for your avatar from a collection of different clothing items and body parts. This video will help in preparing you for the session.

Defining a character isn’t just a physical look but is also how a character presents themselves in the environment, through their stance, their walk, etc. To this end we will also be looking at AOs (Animation Over-riders), in-world tools that over-ride the default animations of your character and add another layer of uniqueness to your look. The following are two AOs that are available for free from the Second Life Marketplace. In preparation for the class, purchase (for L$0) either a male or female AO, or both if you wish. You may wish to read through Shopping in the Second Life Marketplace before attempting to purchase any items there.

Otherwise you can find them inworld at Use the Animations and Poses TP at the landing point then look for the freebie vendors just inside the main entrance, to the right.



Do ensure that you have an AO ready to use in Wednesday’s session.

The Default Script Slideshow

For those who need to revisit it or missed the session on the default script here is a Slideshare slide show that goes through the steps for you. The slide show is also available on the projector in-world.

Thar be gold

Ahoy me hearties!

Scripting starts up this Wednesday and I’ve been playing with scripting a way to give you all a small amount of Linden dollars. As you hopefully already discovered from previous resources, all uploads into Second Life cost money. This, along with land rentals, marketplace commissions and premium memberships, is how Linden Labs makes their money. The cost of uploads isn’t huge, $L10 per item, which equates to about 5 cents in NZD.

So to help you with any images, etc., that you want to import for your builds, this old pirate has left some Bags o’ Gold scattered around our Koru sim, one for each of you. They won’t remain for long so be in quick to grab your loot!!