And Welcome 2017 MUVers from Isa

Great to finally be into another year of MUV601 and really looking forward to meeting your virtual selves. Though my inworld sessions won’t really begin until March 8th I will be around on your first day, Monday 27th, so don’t be surprised if you see my avatar there when you arrive. We will meet up for the first time on the Second Life sim (simulator) called Koru, on an area specifically set aside for this course, but do feel free to set up your account and get inworld before these dates.

If by chance you get lost when inworld, the following SLurl (Second Life url) can be used to help transport you to Koru. Clicking on a SLurl will open a web page with a link to the area in Second Life that the SLurl refers to. If inworld, click on the Visit this location button . At this stage you may be required to allow the web site to interact with your Second Life viewer. Once you have allowed this interaction the Places window will display in Second Life. Click on the Teleport button to take your avatar to the course land area (normally referred to as a parcel). It is there that we will be having our inworld sessions.

Isa Goodman – The virtual Aaron Griffiths

I look forward to seeing you all shortly. Isa/Aaron


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