The Earlybird Catches…

… well not the worm but I’d suggest that your first official days in Second Life will be a lot easier if you create your Second Life account and get inworld a little before the start date.

Points to consider:

  1. The first day is often a laggy experience because everyone is logging in from the lab at the same time and this can be frustrating. Getting in prior means that you can set aspects of your avatar and your viewer configuration at your leisure, unencumbered by lag.
  2. Having your account means you have an avatar name. Get that to me (by friending Isa Goodman) and I can put you into the inworld MUV601 group. This is always difficult with a large number of people at the same time so feeding me your names over the next week will work for both of us.
    Note: Make sure you customize the friend message so I know you are MUV601.
  3. Being inworld early will also give you space to learn a little about moving around the environment and using your camera. At least you won’t be a total newb if you have been in a few days beforehand.
  4. If you do go in early you can use the SLurl described in this post to visit the MUV601 work space (or parcel).

Whatever you do choose to do I’ll look forward to meeting up with you soon.



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