Treasure Hunt – closing time 5pm tomorrow

Thank you all who took part in the Treasure Hunt today – I hope you had some fun and learnt a few things along the way.  I will go through the answers on Monday!  I have paid out on 9 answer cards so far (with two people getting the bonus for getting 100%!) but I have two in the dropbox with no name so I don’t know who to give the rewards to!!

I will check the dropbox again around 5.00pm tomorrow so you still have time to get it in. (hint: Look for the cube next to the rug and chairs on the little wharf on the west coast – it will say something like ” Arwenna is on/off line, please put you notecard here to leave her a message” it will be red if I am offline and green if I am on))

The computers in A217 worked like a dream today! so there should be no problems for Monday – see you then!


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