Different Platforms

I want to talk about your first  assignment this week and briefly about the three things I am asking you to investigate for it:

  • 2 or more Virtual World Platforms,
  • 2 or more Virtual World Viewers
  • 2 or more locations in a Virtual World.

In today’s  class I want to spend some time talking about how I define the difference between the platform and the world – often they are almost the same thing – for example we could say the Second Life Virtual World runs on the Second Life platform – but they are not always synonymous.  For example, JokaydiaGrid and OSGrid run on the OpenSim platform while Kitely runs on an extended OpenSim platform. Other platforms are Minecraft, Active Worlds, ExitReality and Blue Mars.

Yes it is confusing! In many ways we don’t yet have the full vocabulary to define what we mean and where to draw the line between a world and a platform.  The nearest I can come to explain it is by using an example from database technology in the difference between a DBMS and a database.  The DBMS (e.g. SqlServer or MySQL) is the platform on which specific databases are built (e.g. Student Records System database).

I will be talking all these ideas through and encouraging you to have an explore of some of the other platforms.  Second Life may be the most well known but it is by no means the only one!

If we can get through all I want to do then we will spend some time in Second Life to make sure that everyone is ready for Isa’s first session on Wednesday – oh and giving you the answers to the Treasure Hunt too 🙂

Class notes will be here !


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