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Week 11 – May 15th

I am hoping that you are all now going well with your assignment 3.  I will be in the lab this afternoon if you need any help.  I will also try to be in SL too and will help inworld if I can.  You are welcome to access the class either from Second Life or in the lab which ever is most useful to you.

See you later!


Scripting 102

This Wednesday we will be continuing on with scripting with a look at some new functions and events that will allow you to add further interactivity to your build. So far we have looked at simple functions such as colour changing and floating text. This week we move on to more sophisticated aspects such as scanners and dialog boxes and investigate the use of variables and sound.

I do suggest that you investigate the resources already linked to in the post Scripting 101 and work through the Default Script Slideshow to re-familiarize yourself with the basic terminology and syntax.

A heads up too regarding your MUV601 GoogleDocs. There are a number of you who have not yet provided me with an invitation to edit. Please make sure you have done so by the end of the week.

See you tomorrow.

Assignment 1

I have just finished emailing you your marksheet for assignment 1 using the email you provided on your google doc.  If you haven’t received it or have a problem accessing it, please let me know by email.

My apologies for not writing very extensive notes on your sheets but I spent most of the break still sick 😦 I will go over the assignment in class this afternoon and am happy to answer questions then.

I will also be going over Assignment 3 and what you need to do by next TUESDAY in readiness for it.

See you later

Class notes will be here later.