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Assignment 2

I have finally completed marking for Assignment 2 and your marksheet has been emailed to you. Please let me know if you don’t receive it or if you have any queries.

I apologise for the time it has taken but as I am sure you are aware I have been in hospital but I have been trying to keep up with some of the great things you are creating for Assignment 3.

Hope all goes well for the rest of the semester.


Assignment 3 Criteria: Important Note

NOTE: Just to remind you all on some of the specific criteria for your builds.

A minimum of 50 and a maximum of 300 prims used in the construction, with a combined land impact of no more than 350. This will also be considered if the builds are created in Unity or using imported Blender mesh.

All objects in the build must be your own creations.

For both these criteria I will be derendering any objects where you are not the creator or where objects go beyond the maximum limits prior to marking. This means I will not see the objects (or any particles/effects they produce) and will therefore be marking the build as though they were not there.


Assignment Three: Final Days

Today will be the last opportunity to ask for advice or support with regards to Assignment 3. I will be inworld as usual from 3 to 5 pm to assist where needed.

With regards to completing the assignment, remember that Friday the 16th is the assignment due date. At midnight on Friday Koru will be closed off to entry and will be reopened once marking of your builds is complete. Do check through the criteria in the googledoc for Assignment 3 to ensure you have met all the requirements before the shut off.

For those producing machinima please provide access to the file before the due date/time. This file will be downloaded at midnight on Friday and considered the final product. This also applies to Unity builds. Please ensure full and straightforward access is provided to the build before the due date/time. This will also be downloaded/accessed at midnight on Friday 16th.

Please make sure that all revelent blog posts are up before the due date/time as well. Remember to include a final reflection on the project.

For my part it has been another enjoyable year on Koru. A special thank you to all who put in the effort to approach the subject in a mature and professional manner. It was appreciated.