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Assignment 2

I have finally completed marking for Assignment 2 and your marksheet has been emailed to you. Please let me know if you don’t receive it or if you have any queries.

I apologise for the time it has taken but as I am sure you are aware I have been in hospital but I have been trying to keep up with some of the great things you are creating for Assignment 3.

Hope all goes well for the rest of the semester.


Week 11 – May 15th

I am hoping that you are all now going well with your assignment 3.  I will be in the lab this afternoon if you need any help.  I will also try to be in SL too and will help inworld if I can.  You are welcome to access the class either from Second Life or in the lab which ever is most useful to you.

See you later!

Assignment 1

I have just finished emailing you your marksheet for assignment 1 using the email you provided on your google doc.  If you haven’t received it or have a problem accessing it, please let me know by email.

My apologies for not writing very extensive notes on your sheets but I spent most of the break still sick 😦 I will go over the assignment in class this afternoon and am happy to answer questions then.

I will also be going over Assignment 3 and what you need to do by next TUESDAY in readiness for it.

See you later

Class notes will be here later.

Week 8 – Review

As I have now covered most of my class work for the course I thought we would spend the time this afternoon on individual work.  This will be an opportunity for you to review the work you have been doing with Isa and build confidence in your ability to work on your own project next term.  I will be happy to help with sorting out any issues that you have or finding textures/scripts that might be useful and answering any questions that I can.

If you feel you are up to speed with all the SL aspects you are free to either develop those skills further on your own or work on Assignment 2 – your choice!

See you shortly.

Permissions and IP – Week 7

This week I want to look at how we use permissions and protect intellectual property in virtual worlds.  You might find these links useful

and there are more links in my notes which will be available here during the class.

The best way of understanding some of the problems that can occur are by trying to do something – so I have got a couple of challenges for you to do to see if you can overcome the problems!

Permissions seem simple but can get pretty complex – I hope this week’s class will help unravel some of the mystery!



Week 6 Communities

This week I want to start exploring communities in the virtual environment and its seems to me that the discussion really starts with deciding what we mean and expect from communities in our physical environments.

Before thinking about virtual communities we will begin the class talking about ‘real-life’ and online communities. We will find that as we start to apply those ideas to the virtual environment, many aspects remain the same.

The users of Second Life as a whole for example can be seen as a community and in fact there are a number of communities (or Groups as they are known in SL) on the Destination Guide.  Within Second Life, there are a large number of smaller communities mostly supported by the use of inworld groups which is sometimes extended to other forms of online media such as forums, email lists, facebook groups, blogs etc.  Many musicians who play live in SL have their own groups too.

Like most semi-formal communities Second Life has guidelines for expected community behaviour (the Big Six which we looked at a few weeks ago). This  helps to set the culture of the shared location (the ‘world’) and are different from the Terms of Service and both are listed on the Second Life website.  Likewise many groups also have their own set of rules ranging from how to behave on a role-play sim to what NOT to talk about in group chat!

Some communities are educational, some are for role-play, some for shopping or game playing or discussion.  There are groups for builders, scripters, musicians, sci-fi geeks, game of thrones fans etc…. use the Search inworld to check out places and groups for things you might be interested in.


In your second assignment I am asking you to participate in a community in a virtual world.  I realise that you may choose an environment other than SL for this but in many ways Second Life offers the best choices.  All of you have joined one community at least ,’Muv601′,  but that doesn’t count for the assignment! Before next week (and yes I will be asking!), I want you to have identified  several communities that might be of interest to you and to have joined one of them!

If you are stuck for ideas you might be interested in joining the NCI community, which is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping new users of Second Life.  They have a number of activities every week which would be useful for fulfilling the requirements of Assignment 2. We will visit NCI at some point this afternoon.

Class notes will be here later – Good luck and have fun exploring.

Week 5 Viewers and Locations/Builds

I am going to start by just talking through a few points on around viewers that are useful for your assignment and then I want to get on to more interesting matters!

I want to  spend some time considering what to look for in a build in preparation for your assignment 1 posts (check out Isa’s video from last week to provide some clues) not just in the actual building but also in the atmosphere that is created through colours, use of particles etc…  and what kind of things you can do there.   I am expecting some thoughtful consideration of the locations/builds that you decide to write about and I hope the guidelines I talk through will help.  We will probably then go exploring to try out the theory!

We might also try to get in to Jokaydiagrid again if your accounts have been approved – we’ll see how we go!

Notes are here.


Different platforms – part 2

Today I want to finish off talking about different MUV platforms and give you a heads up about different viewers that you can use for Second Life and Open Sim (although we are only able to use Firestorm in the lab).

Last week you asked me when I would use different platforms, so I will talk a little about that too and I hope to spend the last hour or more introducing you to OpenSim worlds either  Kitely – a popular OpenSim grid or Jokydiagrid.  I will also explain about hypergridding but we may not be able to test it out.

Notes will be here later.

Different Platforms

I want to talk about your first  assignment this week and briefly about the three things I am asking you to investigate for it:

  • 2 or more Virtual World Platforms,
  • 2 or more Virtual World Viewers
  • 2 or more locations in a Virtual World.

In today’s  class I want to spend some time talking about how I define the difference between the platform and the world – often they are almost the same thing – for example we could say the Second Life Virtual World runs on the Second Life platform – but they are not always synonymous.  For example, JokaydiaGrid and OSGrid run on the OpenSim platform while Kitely runs on an extended OpenSim platform. Other platforms are Minecraft, Active Worlds, ExitReality and Blue Mars.

Yes it is confusing! In many ways we don’t yet have the full vocabulary to define what we mean and where to draw the line between a world and a platform.  The nearest I can come to explain it is by using an example from database technology in the difference between a DBMS and a database.  The DBMS (e.g. SqlServer or MySQL) is the platform on which specific databases are built (e.g. Student Records System database).

I will be talking all these ideas through and encouraging you to have an explore of some of the other platforms.  Second Life may be the most well known but it is by no means the only one!

If we can get through all I want to do then we will spend some time in Second Life to make sure that everyone is ready for Isa’s first session on Wednesday – oh and giving you the answers to the Treasure Hunt too 🙂

Class notes will be here !

Treasure Hunt – closing time 5pm tomorrow

Thank you all who took part in the Treasure Hunt today – I hope you had some fun and learnt a few things along the way.  I will go through the answers on Monday!  I have paid out on 9 answer cards so far (with two people getting the bonus for getting 100%!) but I have two in the dropbox with no name so I don’t know who to give the rewards to!!

I will check the dropbox again around 5.00pm tomorrow so you still have time to get it in. (hint: Look for the cube next to the rug and chairs on the little wharf on the west coast – it will say something like ” Arwenna is on/off line, please put you notecard here to leave her a message” it will be red if I am offline and green if I am on))

The computers in A217 worked like a dream today! so there should be no problems for Monday – see you then!