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Scripting 102

This Wednesday we will be continuing on with scripting with a look at some new functions and events that will allow you to add further interactivity to your build. So far we have looked at the basic script and considered functions such as floating text, chat messages and prim colour changes. This week we move on to more sophisticated functionality such as scanners and dialog boxes and investigate the use of variables and sound.

I do suggest that you investigate the resources already linked to in the post Scripting 101 and work through the Default Script Slideshow to re-familiarize yourself with the basic terminology and syntax. The floating sprites on our parcel also hold two scripting examples for you to investigate. Knowing the builds a number of you are attempting, the collision based effects these talk about should be most useful.

A small heads-up re the constructive feedback I have emailed you all on your task plans. Do take the suggestions on board and amend your task plans appropriately. They were made for a good reason.

See you on Wednesday.


Another Challenge

Well all, the last Bag o’ Gold in the first scripting challenge was won by Blake. Congratulations! Now there’s a second scripting challenge ready and waiting for you on our session breakout parcel.

And as with the first challenge there are Bags o’ Gold for those brave enough to venture in and figure out the challenge tasks. A little more gold in them than last time as the tasks are a little more complex. And this time you aren’t limited to one win only.

Three prims have a message that needs hearing and then repeating back to the challenge board, which means three Bags o’ Gold to win.

Good luck!!

Congratulations Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the first two of you who succeeded in winning the Bags o’ Gold in the MUV601 Scripting Challenge 1: Sakar and Jeff. Enjoy your reward.

One more Bag o’ Gold to win though folks. I wonder who’s going to claim it?


MUV601 Challenge Activities

As mentioned on Wednesday, over the break there will be some activities for you to participate in on Koru. The first is a scripting challenge which is ready to go and is already waiting for you on our session breakout parcel.

To sweeten the deal this old pirate has provided some more Bags o’ Gold for those brave enough to venture in and figure out the challenge tasks. Three prims need their colours changing and three Bags o’ Gold await those who can succeed in doing so.

Good luck!!

Character Creation 101

This Wednesday we will begin to investigate two of the options for your final projects; character creation and machinima. This post looks at some of the different in-world aspects used in the creation of the avatar itself.

The following is a YouTube tutorial that looks at saving and wearing outfits, so that you can easily assemble different looks for your avatar from a collection of different clothing items and body parts. This video will help in preparing you for the session.

Defining a character isn’t just a physical look but is also how a character presents themselves in the environment, through their stance, their walk, etc. To this end we will also be looking at AOs (Animation Over-riders), in-world tools that over-ride the default animations of your character and add another layer of uniqueness to your look. The following are two AOs that are available for free from the Second Life Marketplace. In preparation for the class, purchase (for L$0) either a male or female AO, or both if you wish. You may wish to read through Shopping in the Second Life Marketplace before attempting to purchase any items there.

Otherwise you can find them inworld at Use the Animations and Poses TP at the landing point then look for the freebie vendors just inside the main entrance, to the right.



Do ensure that you have an AO ready to use in Wednesday’s session.

Thar be gold

Ahoy me hearties!

Scripting starts up this Wednesday and I’ve been playing with scripting a way to give you all a small amount of Linden dollars. As you hopefully already discovered from previous resources, all uploads into Second Life cost money. This, along with land rentals, marketplace commissions and premium memberships, is how Linden Labs makes their money. The cost of uploads isn’t huge, $L10 per item, which equates to about 5 cents in NZD.

So to help you with any images, etc., that you want to import for your builds, this old pirate has left some Bags o’ Gold scattered around our Koru sim, one for each of you. They won’t remain for long so be in quick to grab your loot!!

Koru’s Texture Boards

This coming Wednesday we will begin to look at textures; an essential aspect of any build you create. So that you all have a good range of textures available for your building projects, immediately after the coming session I will be placing two Texture Boards on the group parcel on Koru.

MUV601 Texture Boards

MUV601 Texture Boards

These textures have been gathered and put together into the boards and will be made available as full permission textures for your use. A Texture Board is a tool, freely available in Second Life, to help you organise and view your textures, and can be more user friendly than trying to look through textures one by one in your Inventory. How to access the textures in the Texture Boards is set out below.

When first rezzed a Texture board displays as shown below.

A Rezzed Texture Board

A Rezzed Texture Board

The Board contains the texture preview section to its left, a larger screen to the right to display the selected texture, and the categories, tiling and previous and next buttons at the bottom right. To select a specific category, in this case Metals, Glitter etc, click on the button. It will highlight as shown below.

Button Display

Button Display

The Board will then display thumbnail previews of textures in that specific category as shown below.

Category Thumbnails Displayed

Category Thumbnails Displayed

The button display also contains a Previous and Next button. Clicking on these will cycle back and forwards through the thumbnails of a particular category if it contains more textures than will fit on the display at one time.

Previous and Next Buttons

Previous and Next Buttons

To display a larger view of any particular texture click on its thumbnail image. It will show as highlighted with the texture name overlaid, and a larger version of the texture will display on the selection board to the right.

Thumbnail Selected

Thumbnail Selected

Some textures are tileable, i.e. when the texture has more than one repeat on a prim face the texture repeats without obvious breaks, as all edges of the textures are designed to flow perfectly into their opposing edges. Note that some textures will be designed to only tile vertically or horizontally depending on what their end use is. For example a texture for a wall may only tile horizontally as the texture may have been created to have a specific top and bottom and only tile well along the wall. To view how well a texture tiles click on the Tile button and the texture will display as shown below, with the full texture in the centre of the selection screen so that all edges will display their tiling quality. To turn off tiling click on the Tile button again.

Viewing the Texture Tiled - This One is Considered Tileable

Viewing the Texture Tiled – This One is Considered Tileable

A Non-Tileable Texture

A Non-Tileable Texture

To obtain a displayed texture hold your cursor over the larger image. The cursor will display as a hand as shown below.

Hand Cursor Displayed

Hand Cursor Displayed

Click on the large texture and the following dialog box will display. Click on Keep to take the texture into your Inventory. The texture will now be available in your Inventory for use in your building projects.

Texture Dialog Box

Texture Dialog Box

NOTE: In the resources you will receive in class this week, there is a blank copy of this board (Texture Board – Empty) for you to use if you wish. If you need instruction on how to load it with your own textures I will do a quick session at the end of this week’s class.

Catchup: Second Life Basics

As week 3 approaches there may be a few of you who need to do some catching up to get up to speed, especially those latecomers to the course. Next week we will be beginning the journey that leads towards your final project (see Assignment 3) and the basics that we have covered in the first two weeks will soon need to be second nature.

The following links are provided for those who need to review the basic knowledge covered in those first two weeks. Note that we use the Firestorm viewer in class so occassionally, some of the instructions (written for the Second Life viewer) may differ slightly. Generally though the basics are the same.

The above links all point to articles in the Second Life Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base contains a wealth of information on a number of different topics and is worth a browse, even if you are up to date with the basics. For those doing catch up remember to also read through the posts that have already been published for MUV601 2019 and, additionally, do a little of your own research on sun postion and environment settings. We covered those last Wednesday and though not essential for all Assessment 3 options, depending on your final project choice they may play an important role.

And for those who have not yet done so please, by this coming Wednesday, have your googledoc ready to go and shared with Belma and I (Note: this is ONE document and is to be set up as per the instructions in the General section to the right). Also please have your blog set up and the URL emailed to Belma and I (instructions also in General) and your permanent display name set.


MUV601 Class Resources

Throughout the course there will be a number of linked resources provided. Some I’ll post here in the MUV601 blog and others will be linked to from our parcel of land on Koru. See the floating sphere with the Welcome text over it?

If there’s another smaller sphere or two floating over that one, then clicking on those will reveal other class resources. I suggest you pop in-world occasionally to see if there are any around. These in-world resources will get changed as we move through the course so don’t miss out!

The first blog resource is about moving in Second Life. Though most of you may have movement down fine the following video gives a quick overview with a focus on using movement keys rather than the on-screen controls. I suggest you watch this and subsequent videos in HD and full-screen so that you can see the menu details, etc.

See you all on Wednesday!


Welcome to MUV601 2019

Greetings MUVers and welcome to MUV601 2019. My name is Aaron Griffiths, known inworld (in Second Life) as Isa Goodman, and I will be running the Wednesday (1-3pm) inworld sessions of this course, as I have every year since its inception.

As some of you may know, MUV601 has been running for many years now with, up until 2017,  myself and Dr Clare Atkins as lecturers. Sadly, as some of you may also know, Clare passed away in the latter part of that year. For those of us who travelled the MUV journey with her, she continues to be greatly missed. In many ways this course is part of her legacy.

For 2018, and now for this year, we have been lucky enough to have long-time supporter of the course Belma Gaukrodger (from NMIT) run the NMIT in-house sessions on Mondays (3-5pm). Belma will be starting you on your MUVE journey on February 25th and I will be meeting you in Second Life for our first session on Wednesday, February 27th (1-3pm).

There are a number of things that you need to do in the first week to get everything going smoothly.  You will be spending class time on Monday and Wednesday doing this so I will try to list everything here!

1. Your blog

  • One of the first things you will be doing is getting your own personal wordpress blog set up as you will be using it to record the work you do throughout this course. Almost all of your assessments, apart from the practical aspect of your final project, will be done through your blog posts so the quicker you become familiar with using them the easier for you!
  • Once you have got your blog up and running, please email me the url and I will add it to the sidebar here so that the rest of the class, as well as Belma and I, can keep up with what you are doing. Instructions for setting up your blog can be found by following the link in the sidebar and help will be available in class.
  • As new blogs are always a bit sad looking –  with just a hello world post! – I would like you to write a few short paragraphs that answer the following questions and put them on your blog as your post for the first week.
    • What is a virtual world?
    • What do you find interesting about virtual worlds?
    • How important do you think virtual worlds are now?
    • How important do you think virtual worlds will be in 5-10 years?

2. Your Assignment Google doc

  • The assignments for this course will be organised via a google doc, so the second thing you will need to do is to get your google doc set up  – once again the instructions can be found in the sidebar link and help will be available in class.
  • You will also be getting it ready for the first assignment.

3. Your Second Life account and avatar.

  • Every Wednesday class and many of your Monday ones will be in the virtual world Second Life so it is important to ensure that everyone has a Second Life account, can access Second Life, has ‘friended’ Isa Goodman (my inworld avatar) and Professeur Ambère (Belma’s inworld avatar) and joined the class group.  You will find some useful links in the sidebar for doing this. Again help will be available in class for any problems that you face.

It is great to finally be into another year of MUV601 and I am really looking forward to meeting your virtual selves. We will be meeting up for the first time on the Second Life sim (simulator) called Koru, on an area (parcel) specifically set aside for this course.

Note: If by chance you get lost when inworld, the following SLurl (Second Life url) can be used to help transport you to Koru. Clicking on a SLurl will open a web page with a link to the area in Second Life that the SLurl refers to. If inworld, click on the Visit this location button . At this stage you may be required to allow the web site to interact with your Second Life viewer. Once you have allowed this interaction the Places window will display in Second Life. Click on the Teleport button to take your avatar to the course land area (normally referred to as a parcel). It is there that we will be having our inworld sessions.

I look forward to seeing you all shortly. Isa/Aaron