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Assignment 2

I have finally completed marking for Assignment 2 and your marksheet has been emailed to you. Please let me know if you don’t receive it or if you have any queries.

I apologise for the time it has taken but as I am sure you are aware I have been in hospital but I have been trying to keep up with some of the great things you are creating for Assignment 3.

Hope all goes well for the rest of the semester.


Different platforms – part 2

Today I want to finish off talking about different MUV platforms and give you a heads up about different viewers that you can use for Second Life and Open Sim (although we are only able to use Firestorm in the lab).

Last week you asked me when I would use different platforms, so I will talk a little about that too and I hope to spend the last hour or more introducing you to OpenSim worlds either  Kitely – a popular OpenSim grid or Jokydiagrid.  I will also explain about hypergridding but we may not be able to test it out.

Notes will be here later.

Class Resources, In-world and Off-world

Throughout the course there will be, as mentioned last Wednesday, a number of linked resources provided. Some I’ll post here in the MUV601 blog and others will be linked to from our parcel of land on Koru. Remember the floating sphere with the Welcome text over it?

If there’s another smaller sphere or two floating over that one, then clicking on those will reveal other class resources. I suggest you pop in-world occasionally to see if there are any around. These in-world resources will get changed as we move through the course so don’t miss out!

This first video is about moving in Second Life. Though most of you seem to have movement down fine the following video gives a quick overview with a focus on using movement keys rather than the on-screen controls. I suggest you watch this and subsequent videos in HD and full-screen so that you can see the menu details, etc.

A Mouse May Help

Just a small heads up in terms of building and viewing in Second Life. If using a laptop, depending on your dexterity with laptop touch pads you may find manipulating your camera (what you view the world through) and using the building tools is more easily done with an actual mouse rather than the touch pad.


A successful SL creator

One of the places that is definitely worth a visit in SL is Straylight sim, home to SL Botanicals.  The designer/creator of the items for sale  here, Kriss Lehmann, is amazingly talented and when the sim first opened his work changed the look of SL forever.

Today I came across this short (5 minute) video interview with him which you might find interesting to watch.

The Straylight sim could be a possible ‘location’ subject for your blog for Assignment 1.

Browser based viewer

Just came across this  – alpha release today!

 PixieViwer puts OpenSim in a browser

This has been a long time coming and a lot of people have been hoping it was possible.  Using WebGL and HTML5.  Exciting times 🙂


Interesting 3D software

Want a 3D version of a photo?  I came across this today and thought some of you (looking at you David!) might be interested… –


There is a short PR video here and the website is here.  It appears to be free 🙂

I haven’t tried it out myself but would love to hear from any of you that do!