MUV601 Class Resources

Throughout the course there will be a number of linked resources provided. Some I’ll post here in the MUV601 blog and others will be linked to from our parcel of land on Koru. See the floating sphere with the Welcome text over it?

If there’s another smaller sphere or two floating over that one, then clicking on those will reveal other class resources. I suggest you pop in-world occasionally to see if there are any around. These in-world resources will get changed as we move through the course so don’t miss out!

The first blog resource is about moving in Second Life. Though most of you may have movement down fine the following video gives a quick overview with a focus on using movement keys rather than the on-screen controls. I suggest you watch this and subsequent videos in HD and full-screen so that you can see the menu details, etc.

See you all on Wednesday!



A Mouse May Help

Just a small heads up in terms of building and viewing in Second Life. If using a laptop, depending on your dexterity with laptop touch pads you may find manipulating your camera (what you view the world through) and using the building tools is more easily done with an actual mouse rather than the touch pad.


Welcome to MUV601 2018

Greetings MUVers and welcome to MUV601 2018. My name is Aaron Griffiths, known inworld (in Second Life) as Isa Goodman, and I will be running the Wednesday (3-5pm) inworld sessions of this course, as I have every year since its inception.

As some of you may know, MUV601 has been running for many years now with myself and Dr Clare Atkins as lecturers. Sadly, as some of you may also know, Clare passed away in the latter part of last year. For those of us who travelled the MUV journey with her she is, and will always be, greatly missed.

We have been lucky enough however to have long-time supporter of the course, and virtual world exponent, Belma Gaukrodger (from NMIT) join MUV601 this year, to run the NMIT in-house sessions on Mondays (3-5pm). Belma will be joining you on Monday 12th March. For the first week’s two sessions, on Monday 5th and Wednesday 7th, you will be assisted in the lab by Craig Nicoll and I will be inworld with you as well on the Wednesday.

There are a number of things that you need to do this first week to get everything going smoothly.  You will be spending class time on Monday and Wednesday doing this so I will try to list everything here!

1. Your blog

  • One of the first things you will be doing is getting your own personal wordpress blog set up as you will be using it to record the work you do throughout this course. Almost all of your assessments, apart from the practical aspect of your final project, will be done through your blog posts so the quicker you become familiar with using them the easier for you!
  • Once you have got your blog up and running, please email me the url and I will add it to the sidebar here so that the rest of the class, as well as Belma and I, can keep up with what you are doing. Instructions for setting up your blog can be found by following the link in the sidebar and help will be available in class.
  • As new blogs are always a bit sad looking –  with just a hello world post! – I would like you to write a few short paragraphs that answer the following questions and put them on your blog as your post for the first week.
    • What is a virtual world?
    • What do you find interesting about virtual worlds?
    • How important do you think virtual worlds are now?
    • How important do you think virtual worlds will be in 5-10 years?

2. Your Assignment Google doc

  • The assignments for this course will be organised via a google doc, so the second thing you will need to do is to get your google doc set up  – once again the instructions can be found in the sidebar link and help will be available in class.
  • You will also be getting it ready for the first assignment.

3. Your Second Life account and avatar.

  • Every Wednesday class and many of your Monday ones will be in the virtual world Second Life so it is important to ensure that everyone has a Second Life account, can access Second Life, has ‘friended’ Isa Goodman (my inworld avatar) and Professeur Ambère (Belma’s inworld avatar) and joined the class group.  You will find some useful links in the sidebar for doing this. Again help will be available in class for any problems that you face.

It is great to finally be into another year of MUV601 and I am really looking forward to meeting your virtual selves. We will be meeting up for the first time on the Second Life sim (simulator) called Koru, on an area (parcel) specifically set aside for this course.

Note: If by chance you get lost when inworld, the following SLurl (Second Life url) can be used to help transport you to Koru. Clicking on a SLurl will open a web page with a link to the area in Second Life that the SLurl refers to. If inworld, click on the Visit this location button . At this stage you may be required to allow the web site to interact with your Second Life viewer. Once you have allowed this interaction the Places window will display in Second Life. Click on the Teleport button to take your avatar to the course land area (normally referred to as a parcel). It is there that we will be having our inworld sessions.

I look forward to seeing you all shortly. Isa/Aaron